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  • Crystal Johnson

To Plan(ner) or not to Plan(ner)

Gone are the days of “Cake and Punch” receptions in the church’s fellowship hall. Now days weddings are huge celebrations with costly budgets. Many brides find themselves overwhelmed by the endless choices of venues, catering, and flowers. Not to mention cakes, DJ’s and whether or not to have an open bar.

At first wedding planning is all Pinterest and pretty dresses but as the bride goes on she realizes that this is a full time job. The big question that always pops up after this realization is, Can I afford a Wedding Planner? The answer…You can’t afford not to hire one.

I own a wedding business and I wouldn’t even plan my own wedding without help from someone I’ve hired to be my “Bestie for the Restie” or at least until after the cake is cut.

Weddings are meant to be loving occasions that are full of laughter and happy tears that become lasting photos on your wall. It’s a day that should be enjoyed by you and your loved ones.

You don’t want to look back and remember being full of stress during your special day.

Planners will help you negotiate your contracts and vendor pricing, often getting you better deals than you can get on your own. We know our business which means knowing the venues that go above and beyond as well as the vendors that will make your wedding magical. We also know who doesn’t do a good job.

There are planners for every wedding budget. Find one that really clicks with you, a planner who you enjoy being around. You’ll be spending lots of time together so find someone that you can trust with your heart and memories. I guarantee it will be worth every penny.

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