What’s the difference in your wedding/event planner and your BFF? When you hire FTA, you’ll find yourself with both.  We love getting to know our clients and sharing in the joy of their celebration while making sure we put our all into the planning and execution of each event.  Events and Weddings are living breathing organisms that need a to be carefully attended to.  With so many moving parts you want to hire a planning company that sees the big picture and the all the little details.  That’s who we are.  Our team is well equipped with quality planners and coordinators who have your best interest at heart. Choose from one of our packages or call us for a custom quote. 



Want to have your wedding or party in the majestic mountains or on a sunny, sandy beach?  Maybe you want to travel abroad with your closest friends to celebrate.  FunkyTown Affairs can assist you with your destination wedding or event.  Our Destination Package starts at $3599. 
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